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The IBFN token will serve as the cryptocurrency for IBF Net, the oldest online community for Islamic banking, finance, and business.


Documentation of the unique features of IBF Net's blockchain platforms and metaverse project

Audit Report​

Detailed scrutiny and unbiased analysis of the code performed by Solid Proof, Germany

Valuation Report

Detailed report on valuation and tokenomics of IBFN tokens undertaken by Business Roots, Canada

Shariah Certificate

The IBFN token conforms with the principles of Sharia and is Sharia compliant according to Amanah Advisors, UK

Pitch Deck

A concise presentation outlining the IBF Net story: the business idea, products and services for potential investors

Token Details

*Price discounts of 5% and 2.5% are offered during pre-soft cap and pre-hard cap phases respectively.

Token Distribution

Category % Allocation
Public Sale 30 300 million
Marketing & Partnerships 15 150 million
Exchange Listings & Liquidity 12 120 million
Research & Development 12 120 million
Team & Advisors 10 100 million
Treasury 8 80 million
Users & Community Rewards 5 50 million
Promotion and PR 5 50 million
Ecosystem Grants 2 20 million
Swap (IBFX) 1 10 million

Media Highlights

الميتافيرس المتوافق مع الشريعة الإسلامية يبدأ العمل على بلوكتشين Algorand
IBF Net Luncurkan Netverse yang Jadi Metaverse Syariah Pertama di Dunia

The First Shariah Compliant Metaverse Launches on Algorand

IBF Chooses Algorand for Launching Shariah Compliant Metaverse

شركة “IBF Net” تطلق أول ميتافيرس متوافق مع الشريعة الإسلامية

IBF Net lanza “Netverse” con pronósticos de alto crecimiento

IBF Net launches the world’s 1st metaverse on Algorand Blockchain: Netverse

IBF Net launches the world’s 1st metaverse on Algorand Blockchain: Netverse

IBF Net launches Islamic Metaverse

IBF Net Luncurkan Metaverse dengan Prinsip Syariah

Revolutionizing the Islamic World: First Shariah-Compliant Metaverse

IBF Net lance le premier metaverse conforme a la charia au monde

Frequently Asked Questions

IBF Net currently has multiple fully-developed and live platforms and use cases that contribute to its mission of building a miniature Islamic economy inside a 3D immersive environment. It uses the IBFN token as its intra-network and in-verse currency that performs several useful functions of money. 

Members can use IBFN for (i) buying/selling NFTs, (ii) buying/selling/leasing land and buildings inside metaverse, and (iii) buying/selling listed halal goods and services.

IBFN serves as the engine of the IBF Net’s halal ecosystem. Currently, it serves several platforms catering to the three sectors of an Islamic economy – philanthropy, not-for-profit and for-profit. Various live platforms include (i) the Benevolence (philanthropy) (ii) Credence (fee-based custodial services), (iii) Affluence (NFT marketplace); also includes interest-free collateral-based lending, (iv) Excellence for halal goods and services including elearning, and (v) IRSHAD which stands for Intelligent Robo Shariah Advisor, an AI-powered chatbot. All the above have been integrated with IBF Net’s metaverse. Further, new platforms and additional use cases, especially in the field of Islamic financial services will be added as and when necessary regulatory approval and compliance for the same is obtained.

You need to register on Polykick.com (web3 launchpad), apply for whitelisting, and then purchase the tokens once the token sale begins.

IBF Net: Islamic Business and Finance Network is the oldest online community of students, researchers and professionals interested in the Islamic business and finance (IBF) sector set up in the year 1999. The project was corporatised in the year 2020 with the establishment of IBF DigiLabs in Singapore, enhancing its mandate beyond human resource development.

IBF Digilabs currently focuses on undertaking cutting edge research and development to design smart solutions for the halal economy using web3 technologies. It has introduced several platforms that can facilitate on-chain and in-verse transactions by a growing community of over 85,000+ members.

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